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MYFAKTORY is your child’s fairy godmother! Wondering how? We give your little urchins a magical, sparkling charm through our dinky outfits. The idea behind MYFAKTORY is simple. Affordable Adorable Daily wear for your munchkins. After all, their bundles of joy must look joyful to feel their best!


MYFAKTORYhas benchmark experience in the field of e-commerce. We aim to provide parents with a clothing brand for their children that appeals to their little ones’ appearance. A choice of providing the best to their special little ones has been made stylishly available to every parent. The quality-driven, wide range of apparel for your children will make them shine brighter.

About Us

Every parent wishes to raise their kid in the best manner possible. They want to provide them with the best of everything. Keeping this desire of every parent in mind, MYFAKTORYhas come up with a wide range of affordable clothing for every child.

Play date, School, A trip to Rainbow land or a Good night’s sleep, We want to provide cute little outfit options for your little munchkins which are as soft as them and cute as them. We believe in channeling your love and compassion for your kids into our charming range of refined, and exclusive outfits for your children.

We are aware that a child is a parent’s most valuable possession, therefore, we want to help them give their darling the best range of ensemble to make them feel and look endeared.

Jen & Lil A

In 2014, as a new Mom, Jen was looking for affordable clothes for her newborn son. Horrified by the prices and thinking of the reality of how long each piece of clothing would be used as her son continued to grow, she set out on an adventure of figuring out how to keep clothing affordable for her little one while dressing him up as she desired. She then had a brilliant idea of sharing this joy and thus Myfaktory was born. She initially started to source a few samples and found them a good home through her close friends and family. No doubt, it was a major hit and the rest is history so to say.

Today Myfaktory has a dedicated office space housing loads and loads of factory surplus clothes not just for children but also for Moms.

The Face behind the Brand​​