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Srividya Sriram - 

"Once a MyFaktory customer, always a MyFaktory customer! Yes, I love everything about this place. The way Jenifer interacts with her customers, her stuff and the quality  am totally addicted to this page!"


Anetha Lakshmi-

"Amazing branded quality clothes at very reasonable price. Worth every bucks spent. Reliable and trustworthy. Once a MyFaktory customer, always a MyFaktory customer!"


Creamy Patel-

"I never imagined i could get such wonderful, soft and affordable clothing for my kids from online shopping...i totally love the pieces she gets; selected with lots of love which reflects in all the clothing that she sends(though yet i have got only once from her)...but above all she is an amazing person to deal with;though i never had a chance to talk with her personally;but still i can assure...she is very truthful to her work that's what i feel...i shall keep buying from Jeni till its possible for me to collect clothing in the fastest finger buzz sale!"


Sreema Deepak

"We got that tee almost 6 months before and still looks brand new! And dat dungaree is absolute cuteness 
This quality for the wallet friendly price is amazing!"


Zara - 

"MyFactory could be like any other online store... We pick what we want, order and get it right? It could... But it's not. MyFactory gives us all something more and goes beyond this common process. It promotes a feeling of care and family.

While going thru pics of my girl, I realised how much a part of her growing up Jen has been. From her no pony days to a single ponytail to 2 ponytails, MyFactory has seen her thru various stages of her life in the last 1.5yrs or so and I 
am humbled by this
.THANKS JEN for being part of my babys life.

For choosing all the pieces with such love and working tirelessly to get everything to us in record time. The quality of the clothing is amazing, the fact that you consider our feedback and requests even more so.


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