Vacation – Nano Pro AIO Cloth Diaper (with 2 organic inserts and power booster)

Name: Vacation – Nano Pro AIO Cloth Diaper
Age guidance: 3 months – 3 years (one-size diaper) 
Weight: 5 kgs-15 kgs
Type: Trim All in one cloth diaper – Kindermum Nano
Outer layer is waterproof and breathable PUL, inside lined with softest fleece to give stay dry feel to baby

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Kindermum cloth diapers are trimmest cloth diapers, which are waterproof, absorbent, can be reused for 400+ times. Kindermum Nano range of diapers are trimmest and absorbent cloth diapers, which fits 5 to 15 kgs.  Nano Pro are versatile in use. Use diaper shell with flats, prefolds, or any other inserts such as microfiber, charcoal bamboo or hemp.


Special Features: How long Nano pro lasts*?

With main insert: 2-3 hours during daytime

With main insert + booster : 4 hours during daytime and 8-9 hours for nighttime

With Main insert + booster + Power Booster : 6+ hours during daytime and 12+ hours during nightime. 

Wash Care: Machine or hand washable. Avoid fabric softners and detergent with addictives. No not use BRUSH on diaper. 



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